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Redface CLA-2A

A single CLA-2A was made with a fire-engine red, 1/4" thick solid steel faceplate. This unit was sold to a  a studio owner in Atlanta who also runs an equipment rental business, so you might be able to rent this unit from him if you're curious about it. I've asked him to send me a picture of the unit for this website but he hasn't gotten around to it yet. As soon as he does I'll post it so you can get a look at this rarest of beasts.

The Redface CLA-2A was another sonic experiment. It used circuit boards and regulated DC power supplies for both B+ and filament voltages but employed new (not NOS) 5% carbon composition resistors and Sprague orange drop capacitors instead of the precision metal film resistors and Wima capacitors used in the normal blackface CLA-2As. As a result, it has a grittier, dirtier sound to it. I thought it might be preferable for use on an instrument track like bass or harmonica, but everyone seems to agree that the blackface units unquestionably sound better on everything. Even so, this unit produces a very pleasing sound and has been used on many projects.

Sorry there are no pics available; I didn't take the time to photograph the unit when it was built. If the current owner sends me pics I'll post them here.