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Kenetek Model LA-2X Optical Tube Compressor/Limiter
The Kenetek LA-2X eXtreme optical compressor/limiter
The Kenetek LA-2X ('X' for eXtreme) is an all tube, optical compressor based on the classic Teletronix LA-2A design, but with some very useful features added. These additions make the LA-2X shine where no LA-2A has ever gone before. The leftmost pot on top is a Feedback/Feedforward control. Turn it more clockwise for a more aggressive limiting action. The switch next to is it a seven position High Frequency Tilt switch. It allows you to vary the frequency response at 20 kHz by up to +/- 6 dB in 2 dB increments. The switch to the right of the meter selects the Sidechain High Pass Filter Frequency, and the pot next to it selects how much high pass filtering is applied at that frequency. These controls take the LA-2A design way out of the "one trick box" category and into a whole new realm of flexibility. Components include vintage UTC input and output transformers, vintage tubes, vintage Simpson VU meter, Mogami cable, Alps Blue Velvet pots, Solen film capacitors and many, many tweaks. The result is a unique combination of rich tube tone and high end clarity.
A few words about the Kenetek LA-2X from Bill Jones, the owner of Kenetek Pro Audio:

I've been building and restoring LA-2A style compressors for almost 20 years now. I've seen and heard many interesting units, including some classic one-of-a-kind variants built by studio techs and broadcast engineers in the 60's and 70's.  During that time I've become very familiar with the simple yet elegant LA-2A circuit and have contemplated ways to take the LA-2A design to a new level.  The result of my efforts is the LA-2X, the most advanced LA-2A style compressor on the planet.

The additional controls provide flexibility, musicality and nuance that you simply can't get from any other LA-2A design. The controls interact in a very pleasing way that makes the LA-2X a real pleasure to use.  The specially selected components result in a thick yet clear and silky-smooth sound that enhances any instrument run through it.

For a better description of how these controls work, watch the videos. Or better yet, get your hands on one and try it for yourself.

Short demonstration videos:

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