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Kenetek 588LN Discrete FET Limiter
All The Sound, Half The Size, Great Price.
  • Classic Urei 1176LN Sound And Performance
  • Original UTC O-12 Input Transformer
  • Specially Selected, Vintage UTC Output Transformer
  • Original, NOS Output Transistors
  • Vintage NOS Simpson Backlit Edge-Reading VU Meter
  • Transistors Are Type and Gain-Matched To The Originals
  • Metal Film Resistors For Low Noise
  • Carbon Composition Resistors In Select Locations For Classic Sound
  • Capacitors Specially Selected For Classic Sound
  • 100% Oxygen Free Canare & Mogami Cable Used For Signal Paths
  • Stereo Link Jack
  • Occupies Just 1U of Rack Space
The Kenetek 588LN was designed as a value-priced version of the venerable Urei 1176LN.  It has all the sound of a vintage 1176 at a much lower price. It also occupies half the rack space of a classic unit, so you can have two channels of classic FET limiting in the same amount of rack space.

You can also perform the popular "all buttons in" trick with the 588LN, just like the original.

Do your tracks and your wallet a favor. Try a Kenetek 588LN on your next project.

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