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More Blackface CLA-2A Photos

The First Production CLA-2A
The First "Production" CLA-2A

A look inside the first CLA-2A
A look inside the first CLA-2A. Note the socket in between the input and output transformers where the T4 unit goes. Note that this unit has the relatively rare HA-100X input transformer in it. Most CLA-2As used that transformer, although some units used the A-10.

Who is this guy???
Chuck Ainlay used Kenetek CLA-2A Serial #26 on bass on the Frampton Comes Alive 5.1 remix." Shown here at Backstage Studios in 2000. This unit ended up at Stonehenge Recording in Atlanta.

Another early CLA-2A
Another early CLA-2A, this one located at Planet III studios in Lexington, Kentucky.

The last blackface CLA-2A
The last production blackface CLA-2A, serial #32, last seen at a studio somewhere in Norway.

The rear panel of the production CLA-2A.
The rear panel of the production CLA-2A featured balanced and unbalanced I/O using gold-plated connectors, 1/4-inch Stereo Link jack (also with gold-plated contacts) and a Voltage Select switch for international use.